Write a company handbook

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write a company handbook

Employee handbooks can go by different names, such as an employee field guide or staff manual. Whatever you call them, employee handbooks are documents that all employees at a company should receive, often on their first day.

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Write a company handbook are designed to cover everything a new hire needs to know to get started at their job. You might even get them started before their first day, and include a copy in a new hire welcome email. Related article: How to create an effective employee handbook.

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Most employee handbooks include information on:. The first thing to know is that there is no law requiring you to have a handbook. That said, plenty of companies choose to create one because they can be useful in mitigating conflict among employees within the write a company handbook.

write a company handbook

Beyond solving employee or culture issues, employee handbooks can wrige help new employees feel at home in their new environments. This is where examples come in. Here write a company handbook six great employee handbook examples worth reviewing:.]

write a company handbook