Mmu art and design coursework

Course features

Skip to content Accessibility Information. Graphic Design is a hands-on, ideas-driven studio-based course where you will learn a variety of approaches to visual communication. Distinctive creative personalities are nurtured and the unconventional is actively encouraged. After developing your creative visual language in Year 1, you will be able ccoursework apply your skills to a range of personal and industry-related projects in Year 2. Your final year will see you develop a professional portfolio that reflects your personal interests and individual career aspirations.

At all stages mmu art and design coursework the course we focus on contemporary and relevant design that embraces intellectual curiosity and design as an experience.

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Desgin have the opportunity to connect with industry, either through visiting speakers, live briefs or work experience.

At all stages of the course we focus on contemporary and relevant design that embraces imaginative thinking.

mmu art and design coursework

You have the opportunity to connect with industry, either through visiting dezign, 'live' briefs or work experience. In Year 1 you will be introduced to the studio-based culture of the course through a series of design projects encouraging the development of ideas, experimentation with visual construction supervisor resume examples and acquisition of technical skills.

This is supported mmu art and design coursework a contextual programme that places practical elements into a wider coursewwork, critical and social context. An introduction to visual communication that establishes the importance of a defined audience in the creative design process.

Students are asked to engage with the tools and basic techniques used in mmu art and design coursework origination of graphic design.

Defining the area of your coursework

Relevant digital skills are taught alongside lateral thinking and basic semiotic theory. Teaching is based around a series of creative opportunities that will require students to undertake research, develop ideas, present final outcomes and reflect upon their activities.

mmu art and design coursework

Tutor group seminars and on-going open-studio sessions are supported by induction activities, workshops and a series of lectures.

The unit is primarily based in a studio situation with laptop trolleys as the primary means to deliver IT-based workshops.

mmu art and design coursework

At Level 4, this unit encourages some collaborative, ane practice and shared mmu art and design coursework. There are lectures and talks from key research staff, students and external experts. Teaching will be in the form of tutorial groups, weekly meetings and presentations.

The set projects will vary from year to year and are designed to be responsive to current creative opportunities.

mmu art and design coursework

Students are allocated to a pathway according to their programme to introduce ideas relevant to their studies. The unit asks students to begin to form a critical understanding of their own practice. In Year 2 you will study more specific areas of graphic design practice. A programme of workshop projects develops both mmu art and design coursework and conceptual skills.

Course Content

Studio content is developed in liaison with industry and offers opportunities for work experience. This unit explores collaborative and interdisciplinary art and design practice. You will have apa style of writing a thesis opportunity to engage in a range of external-facing learning opportunities which mmu art and design coursework encourage collaborative, interdisciplinary practice and shared experience; this may take the form of spending time outside of the University and working within the creative community and the public domain.

You also have the option to undertake a courdework in this unit. Practical projects analyse the importance of developing a questioning approach to graphic design work and introduce a graphic vocabulary to challenge conventions.]