Angels assigned to us

angels assigned to us

Recently I attended a funeral service for one of my long-time friends named Randy. There came a moment in the service where the minister invited people to share testimonies of how Randy had touched their lives and what he had angels assigned to us to them.

Custom creative writing ghostwriting sites us first one to speak was Randy's brother, Will, who proceeded to share that he had a guardian angel named Ralph, and that Ralph had a message of love for all the people.

Will then shared Ralph's message that God loved them.

Guardian Angels in the Bible

It all seemed a little quirky to me that Will had a guardian angel named Ralph. His speech brought up several questions. Do Christians have guardian angels? If so, what do they do?


Do they have names? Can they tell us their names? What do you think? Do people become angels when they go to Heaven?

angels assigned to us

Sincerely, "J". Anfels, "J", As I read your question, my first thought was, "a guardian angel named Ralph!

Are you kidding angels assigned to us Sounds like another Christian with a 'spiritual screw' loose. If I can name my life-dependant pacemaker "Repeat," then maybe Will can name his guardian angel Ralph! While angelic activity content writers websites online the pages of the Bible, the Asdigned is not very forth coming when talking about the particulars of the ministries of guardian angels.

The purpose of the book angels assigned to us Hebrews is to declare the preeminence of Jesus Christ. In the opening chapter the writer to the Hebrews demonstrated the superiority of Jesus' ministry to the ministry of the angels.

angels assigned to us

Angel ministry is powerful, but of course, not as powerful as Jesus' ministry. One thing they do is give us spiritual and physical and spiritual protection.]