How to write a college activities list

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You only get characters on the activities list for the Common Application. How do you make the most of them? Here are some tips with accompanying college activities list examples.

These tips still apply. How to develop more and better content for your activities list.

How to Write the Activities List: Everything You Need to Know

How values can help you bring much more variety to your activities list. Why you should never stretch the truth on your activities list. Your activities list can make a big difference in your application. Art Created art and organized club. Founder, Art Honors Society Organized and ran meetings, set up field trips, writee and created group art activities, wrote and sent newsletter to members.

how to write a college activities list

Most students write a pretty good activities list description and then they stop there. Use stronger verbs.

how to write a college activities list

Develop better and perhaps a bit more content. Have you included a wide range of responsibilities? Most students forget to include solving problems, gaining skills, and making tangible and even quantifiable! Are you communicating what you learned or how an activity changed you?

how to write a college activities list

If not, you may be leaving money on the table. You probably need stronger verbs. How do I know?

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Member, Debate Debated topics, attended tournaments, researched topics. BTW I am so much nicer and less sarcastic in activitiess life—just employing it here to make a point. I lead research and case writing, mentor younger debate students, organize mock debates, host an annual debate tournament. Heads up: Using this list for ten minutes will up-level your activities list verbs, and thereby your descriptions.]

how to write a college activities list