College application essay consultants

Solomon Admissions Consulting is widely recognized in the marketplace as a go-to firm for high-stakes. Only Firm in the Industry with Success Rates.

college application essay consultants

Reviewed by a Vault 50 I ndependent Accounting Firm. Personal Statement Assistance. Supplemental Essays Assistance. Insider Information on College Preferences. Extracurricular Activities Consulting. Mock Interviews Coaching. Harvard University.

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Stanford University. Duke University. Cornell University. University of California, Berkeley. University of Chicago. Yale University. University of Pennsylvania. Led by two corporate attorneys, graduates of Georgetown Law, our team of Former College Admissions Officers provides the best personalized, strategic undergraduate and graduate school admissions advice to empower each applicant to achieve peak performance.

Our college admission consultants have a combined years of experience as admission officers at college admissions offices and have reviewed a college application essay consultants total of overcollege applications. Georgetown Law Senior Admissions Consultant.

college application essay consultants

Former Senior Assistant Director of Admissions. Every student is unique. Every student has their own particular interests and passions and we see it as our mission to help every student find the college college application essay consultants best fits them.

Our admission consultants possess a wealth of information about the various colleges and universities across the country, and can speak from their professional experience about the differences between these many institutions.

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We will help the student choose the college that best matches them as human beings, and not just as applicants. We offer several types of One-on-One consulting admissions packages to best meet the needs of our clients:.

Medical School Admission Packages. If you would like a customized package please give us a college application essay consultants or to find college application essay consultants more, click on the link below. Being admitted sample marine science essay questions Stanford or an Ivy League University is becoming more and more difficult every year.

Watch the webinar to learn how to navigate the Stanford and Ivy League admissions process, position your application and market your candidacy. We are excited when we hear one of our students has been accepted to a top university.

college application essay consultants

Our students send us their college acceptance letters, which are the ultimate reviews for Solomon Admissions Consulting.]