Business plan competition for college students

Say you have an awesome idea for a startup, something with real potential.

business plan competition for college students

But, your idea is good. So what happens next?

business plan competition for college students

Hosted by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah with sponsorship from Zions Bank, this competition is targeted at high schoolers with big ideas. Designed to help get ideas off the ground, this two-part vusiness grant funding program seeks out students with measurable goals and helps fund the entrepreneurial process.

Business Plan (Due March 15)

A competition for early-stage startups to receive equity-free prize money, as well as general investors and media attention. Hosted with SXSW in Austin, Texas, untilthis is a competition focused on startups with information technology angles.

A colllege three-day competition that accounts for pitches, feedback, and judge interaction, busineds to give entrepreneurs real-world experience. This is a global competition split into categories where participants connect and compete in a convention setting. A business-model competition for all college students in Utah.

One of the business plan competition for college students sustainable entrepreneurship competitions, participants compete with international entrepreneurs for the best green business plan.


This competition is hosted and organized by a Danish non-profit, Venture Cup. Their mission is to establish connections among student entrepreneurs internationally, as well as teach and advise young people about the world of business. This national competition brings university students from all disciplines business plan competition for college students to contend for the best second pitch.

This is a global competition that supports young entrepreneurs in the early stages of a startup with funding and a network of investors.

business plan competition for college students

While competitive, this day program is more of an accelerator than an out-right competition. Inspired and promoted by the United Nations, this competition takes place through three stages of online submission and selection.

Entries are submitted online.

2022 Competition

Thanks Jacqueline for this comprehensive list. I wish I had this information 15 years ago.

business plan competition for college students

Business plan competition for college students a great idea, pitched it to some venture firms and was turned down and dissertation writing editing software the same idea skyrocket to the top two years later when someone else came with the same idea and presented it in a much more convincing way to the investors.

The Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs is another event that provides microfinancing for undergraduate women-led ventures. Your email address will not be published.

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