Best college blog post example

When researching blog examples for this post, I was struck by the lack of blogs on a wide variety of topics for pay for my composition creative writing written by best college blog post example. The best advice comes from the students who are currently experiencing the challenges of being a student.

Not from people who were there 20 years ago! In this article, there are blog examples on lifestyle, money, entrepreneurship, food, beauty, career and fashion — all aimed at students. There are no rules when starting your student blog.

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You can have a student blog where you can blog about anything and everything that appeals to you. Here are best college blog post example excellent examples. She is a student and lifestyle blogger and under that heading; she shares her knowledge to help other undergraduate students. Her article topics include college hacks, study habits, online side jobs, useful websites and lots more.

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His website has all kinds of articles for students including exam self-care tips, pst to revise and apps for education. He also blogs about fashion, lifestyle and travel.

best college blog post example

Jack also has a successful YouTube channel with over subscribers and videos with over 1 million views. Hannah started a blog when she was a student in the UK. She has written articles about all kinds of topics including health, finance and lifestyle.

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She has now graduated but has continued to write about adulthood on her blog. Students need money!

best college blog post example

They also need work and business experience. Or you can just read about business for students in other blogs to get your own money making ideas.

College Entrepreneur has articles written by a few different writers. It helps college students study less but still be more productive. He also has a successful YouTube channel and podcast. Charli is best college blog post example psychology PHD student based in Cardiff who blogs about beauty and fashion for students.]

best college blog post example