United utilities business plan

united utilities business plan

Scroll down to see our business model in full. We consult united utilities business plan plan for short, medium and long-term horizons. We provide essential water and wastewater services to millions of customers every day, and this relies on a variety of key resources.

How we manage these is influenced by external drivers and relationships with a variety of utiljties. Consultation with customers and other stakeholders forms an integral part of our planning process across the short, medium and long term, and united utilities business plan work delivers a range of long-term benefits for many different stakeholder groups.

united utilities business plan

This value creation feeds back into the continuous cycle of what we do. Read more about our key resources and the impact of external drivers. Read more about our planning horizons. We deliver the outcomes set out in our regulatory contract. What we do united utilities business plan set out in our regulatory contract, which details the price and service package we will deliver in each five-year period split out by price control areas — wholesale water, wholesale wastewater and household retail.

Our approach to planning

The fourth price control, non-household retail, sits within our joint venture, Water Plus. How we do it is set out in our strategic themes, and everything we do is underpinned by our values and culture, and our governance and risk management. Our pioneering Systems Thinking united utilities business plan to operating our business is a utilitie advantage.

united utilities business plan

Read more about what is involved in the united utilities business plan of wholesale and retail services in our water cycle. Our purpose is to provide great service to unlted customers and communities in the North West, creating long-term value for all of our stakeholders.

Read more about our strategyand uitlities about our competitive advantages. We review progress on outcomes we have promised united utilities business plan deliver for customers in the regulatory period, and we measure our performance against operational KPIs as well as financial measures.

Long-term planning (25+ years)

We create long-term value for a range of stakeholders. The work we do delivers a wide range of benefits to a variety of stakeholders, creating long-term sustainable value for many people. Read more in How we united utilities business plan value for stakeholders.

Read more about our approach at unitedutilities.

How we operate

We review and measure our progress. No JavaScript detected! This website works best with JavaScript enabled.

united utilities business plan

Here is some help to get you started - How to enable JavaScript. Loading, please wait Introduction Welcome to our Annual Report Chairman and Chief Executive Officer's united utilities business plan. Financial highlights.

What we do Our water cycle. Our work in the North West.]