Scottish water second draft business plan

Scottish Water's second draft business plan Part A guidance. These keyassumptions must be realistic and be set in the context ofexpenditure needs, the scope for efficiency and financingconstraints.

scottish water second draft business plan

Scottish Water should set out its preferred strategy for to and in the longer term in the light of this guidance. Scottish Water should to scottish water second draft business plan that they drawtogether all the major issues facing them into an integrated planwhich is ubsiness and signed off by its Board. We will closely analyse the business plan to inform ourdetermination of price limits.

scottish water second draft business plan

Page 1 of 6. No formal tables are required although Scottish Water maywish to draw on or refer to numerical data in other prescribedtables. Scottish Water may also wish to comment on whether withinits strategy it is able plna balance the views of its customers withthose of other bodies, such as the quality regulators or theWater Customer Consultation Panel. Scottish Scottish water second draft business plan strategySection 1 The overall strategySection 2 Achieving the right balance for customersSection 3 The post environmentSection 4 Strategic objectivesSection 5 Delivery of the strategic objectivesSection 6 Costs of delivering the strategic objectivesSection 7 Financial projections for Scottish WaterSection 1 — The overall strategySection 1 provides for Scottish Water to summarise itsstrategy, to identify the implications of the strategy for pricelimits and how these translate into average household bills,both in scottish water second draft business plan terms and actual likely bills custom dissertation results writers site for college of the day through the period.

Scottish Water should set down the key assumptionsunderpinning its strategy. Page 2 of 6. Business Plan Reporting Requirements and Definitions Manual Scottish Water should highlight its assessment of its recentservice performance and whether it has incorporated anychanges in its proposed price limits to reflect this comparativeperformance.

scottish water second draft business plan

Any such adjustment would need to beexplained in relation to our policy bysiness taking account of pastprojected performance. Section 2 — Achieving the right balance for customers Scottish Water should use this section to explain how itsoverall strategy reflects the views of its customers on theoverall balance between service levels and prices and on thepriorities for improvements.

Itshould take account of the latest consultation on service,quality, costs and standards. Section 3 — Scottish water second draft business plan post- environmentSection 3 provides for the Board of Scottish Water to setdown its views on the environment, in its widest sense, whichwill set the parameters within which it scottixh have to operateduring the period to custom admission paper editor services for college This wouldencompass, for example, Scottish Water view of changingdemands from its customers.

This provides the opportunityfor Scottish Water to explain the position it has reached on therisks and uncertainties that exist or are likely to exist in thenext five years. Scottish Water should clearly set down its currentperformance and the state of its systems, especially itsinfrastructure and non-infrastructure assets, where these arerelevant to the environment in which it shall be operating.

These will cover both the policies it adopts and theoutputs it will deliver for its customers and the community overthe period.

We need to understand how these strategicobjectives are reflected in charging policies. Scottish Water should set out the strategic objectives that itwill want scottish water second draft business plan achieve over the next price limit period and therelevant key outputs. Scottish Water secod give an overall assessment on trendsin serviceability for customers. This assessment should relateto trends over the period preceding the submission. Section 5 — Delivery of strategic objectivesSection 5 provides for Scottish Water to explain how thedelivery of the strategic objectives translates into programmesit will have to carry out during the period.]