Help creating a business plan

How long does it take to write a business plan?

Learn how to write a business plan in as little as minutes through creeating simple and more effective process known as Lean Planning. Writing a business plan can be intimidating.

help creating a business plan

You know that you need to put a plan together to start a successful business, but you find yourself staring at a blank Word or Google doc wondering what to do next.

A traditional business plan can take hours and even days to put together.

help creating a business plan

We ran through this exercise when initially developing LivePlan. With it, we were able to quickly figure out our strategic goals and what it would take for us to be successful. A Help creating a business plan Plan is faster and easier to put together than a traditional business plan, yet it provides all the value of an old-school plan. You skip all the long-form writing and instead focus on short, simple descriptions covering your strategy and tactics.

help creating a business plan

For starters, you can throw out the expectations of a long, formal written document. Cretaing can skip all the formatting, complete sentences, and paragraphs of text that few people will actually read. Cteating, you should put together a Lean Plan that focuses only on what you really need to know to build a successful business. A Lean Plan simplifies the entire process and makes your business plan actually useful. Instead of developing a long document, a Lean Plan focuses on distilling your business help creating a business plan into a simple, concise set of statements.

help creating a business plan

It helps you set goals and then track your progress toward those goals. Lean Plans hell also much easier to change when your plans change—and they will.

Key Concepts

If you use the Lean Plan format, updating your plan will take minutes instead of hours. The goal is to keep each section as short as possible. Here are the sections you need to include, along with examples of a bike shop plan I put together help creating a business plan just 27 minutes.]