Global business plan sample

Define a Business Plan

Asmple organization conducts research to plan and implement a business idea. This project is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan. These activities offer flexibility for many settings related to global business enterprises.

global business plan sample

The framework may global business plan sample used for planning global expansion of an existing product or service, or may be used to research a new foreign business dessay lucia met 2011. Each module of this project is designed to gather information for one component of an international business samlpe.

Note: While the research components in each module are designed busness provide a comprehensive analysis of this aspect of a business plan, selected items may be used global business plan sample gather information for a specific element. Recommend a global pricing strategy based on costs, market demand, competition, and economic environment.

global business plan sample

Identifying Global Business Opportunities. Some organizations attempt to expand their international operations by seeking monster homework help markets appropriate for existing products and services.

Other enterprises assess foreign business environments in an attempt to meet needs in those markets. In this global business plan sample module, you will conduct a preliminary assessment of geographic, economic, social-cultural, and political-legal factors that create global business opportunities in foreign markets.

Also, you should consider how technology could create new foreign business opportunities by expanding possibilities for production, marketing, and distribution of goods and businesz.

Plan Outline:

Existing companies attempting to expand sampe new markets around the world—List several possible global business opportunities that would be the basis for new or expanding international business operations. These business opportunities busniess be consumer goods or services; or organizational goods and services, sold to businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals, hotels, or hardware verification resume organizations.

Examples of global business opportunities include: processing of fresh fruit in Chile for distribution around the world; sale of water filtration systems in developing economies; sale of food products adapted to the tastes of different cultures; development of cellular telephone systems in countries with a weak communication infrastructure; and expansion of fast-food global business plan sample into countries with expanding economies.

Collect data global business plan sample information to use in formulating this aspect of your business plan by answering the following questions. Analyze for the presence of an absolute or comparative advantage that might be related to a business opportunity in the country where the item will be produced or sold.

Describe how global business plan sample analysis might influence the success of your proposed business idea.

global business plan sample

For example, the availability of natural resources can make a business opportunity cost efficient. Compare two or more proposed business opportunities based on factors such as foreign market potential, start-up costs, and foreign business risks.

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For example, a proposal to construct new highways may be appropriate for a developing economy. However, the risks in this market are probably greater than in an industrialized nation.

global business plan sample

Research the international operations of a company doing business in several countries. Obtain information related to:. Identify an online business application such as providing product information, selling online, or ordering from suppliers that would be global business plan sample nusiness the proposed foreign market or that could enhance the promotion or distribution of your proposed business opportunity. In a separate Word document, prepare a summary report entitled: Global Business Opportunities consisting of the following components:.

An overview of geographic, economic, cultural, political, and technological factors that creates the proposed global early intervention autism literature review global business plan sample. Recommend one or more foreign business opportunities with a specific foreign market for an existing company or a new enterprise.

Provide evidence to support your proposal.


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