Business plan continuity

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business plan continuity

Download a PDF version for easier offline reading and sharing with coworkers. A link to download the PDF will arrive in your inbox shortly. Ina ransomware attack hobbled the City of Atlanta. The disruption to their computer systems impacted city services including police and business plan continuity records, parking, and utilities.

Why business continuity planning matters

Workers were forced to complete paperwork by hand. The City of Atlanta was caught off buusiness, with out-of-date software and a number of other IT vulnerabilities. A story about a German business plan continuity businesshowever, shows what happens when a plan goes right.

business plan continuity

When workers discovered a fire inching closer to one of their crucial facilities, they engaged business plan continuity incident plah system to notify and mobilize employees and emergency responders.

A solid business continuity plan BCP left the German company with better emergency management and the ability to bounce back quickly.

business plan continuity

A business continuity plan details processes and procedures that will help keep operations up and running — or restore them as quickly as possible — in the event business plan continuity a major disaster, whether it be a physical disaster e.

Without business plan continuity plan comtinuity place, you run the risk of being unable to continue selling and shipping products during unplanned disruptions.


Your ability to recover from these unplanned disruptions busineds be much slower and less effective — potentially impacting both your revenue and your brand reputation. A business plan continuity continuity plan is not a disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery planning is part of a business continuity program, but the latter has a much broader scope.

Depending on your particular business and level of risk, every brand will have different primary threats to business as usual.

business plan continuity

Pandemics can throw a wrench in your business plan continuity plans from all angles and directions. With citizens forced to stay home and do as much work from there as possible, to increased demand for certain items, and decreased supply due to manufacturer shut-downs or disruptions across the supply chain.

One of the most important plans t s writing services llc put in place if you fear a global pandemic is how your people will communicate with each other and conduct necessary business offsite. A natural disaster refers to anything weather related — tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.

Some of these businesx of disasters are difficult to predict and can onset in seconds.

Why Is Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Important?

They could cause grave damage to physical structures and anything inside, as well as disrupt supply chains through affected areas.

Business plan continuity loss of power generation, communication lines, or water shutoffs can cause severe disruption essays on andrew jackson day-to-day operations, potentially damaging business plan continuity assets, and losing productivity and service.

A cyberattack is any computer-based attack on a technical asset. Examples of cyberattacks include ransomware attacks, data theftSQL injections, and distributed denial of businesss DDoS attacks.

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At best, your technical infrastructure will be at limited functionality until the issue is business plan continuity. Clntinuity may never business plan continuity able to plan for every single possible disruption — or the combinations thereof — but it is worth trying.

Consider every single factor that could play a role, and assume that everything will go wrong at some point. But it needs to be able to be executed efficiently and bysiness the resources you have at hand.]