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The Philadelphia kosher catering market is an interesting one. Recently they have discovered they really like and need kosher food.

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It helps keep people healthy. People are in need of really good food.

business plan catering business template

This market consists of two target segments that are differentiated by household income. The kosher catering business in Philadelphia is fairly unique.

At the low- to mid-price point of the cost spectrum, there are four other kosher caters.

business plan catering business template

These caterers tend dissertation quality service serve the part of the market that must have kosher food served at an occasion due to religious beliefs, business plan catering business template struggle to able to afford the cost variance between standard and kosher catering.

All four of these caters have fairly standard menu offerings. There is a fifth caterer plah also serves the lower end of the market defined as middle class but serves the high end of the market as well.

business plan catering business template

Although there is a large wealthy population in Philadelphia that follows the laws of kashrut, they have been underserved. The consequence of market demand is a decreased pressure to accommodate customers. Fressen is approaching the market as if there was significant competition between the different service providers.

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By making customer satisfaction a priority, over time, local customers will come to appreciate the attention that their needs are given and form a long lasting relationship with Fressen Catering. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.]