The man he killed thomas hardy literary analysis

the man he killed thomas hardy literary analysis

Our notes cover The Man He Killed analysis, summary, themes, and an introduction. He inherited the love for reading and books from his mother.

The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy Summary

He spent his early life in a rural atmosphere that has an influence on the subject matters of his novels. Living in London, during the analyzis of his early career, he was quit predisposed by the works of Robert Browning, Charles Swinburne, and Charles Darwin. His first novel was The Poor Man and the Lady.

the man he killed thomas hardy literary analysis

The Dynast and the Winter Words are the two volumes of his poetry and short stories appeared in andrespective. This collection comprises poems of several dates, mostly concerned with pastoral, matrimonial, and provincial life. The Man He Killed, by Thomas Hardy, is a dramatic monologue in the speech of returned soldier from war.

The Man He Killed Summary

The poem stages the battle scene between two men. In this poem, Thomas Hardy constructs a narrator who is still preoccupied with thoughts of human life he devastated while serving his country in the war.

the man he killed thomas hardy literary analysis

This poem is written during the 2nd Boer Wars The poem describes the ridiculous status quo of war and the shrinking, diminishing devoted intentions of the soldiers that meet each other in the theater of war.

In the poem, Hardy puts himself in the perspective of a common people and asks bigger questions regarding the thkmas of the war in general except destruction and loss.

The speaker in the poem begins by memorizing a time when he shot a man in a war for the safety of his country or infantry.


He, then, imagine a situation and realizes that what if analysls had encountered each other in an inn instead of on the front line? The speaker says that they could have had an impressive old time. Furthermore, the narrator illustrates in what way he murdered the fellow and tries to clarify his action.]