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Shermer has, in his previous four chapters, taken care to establish ethos by demonstrating that he is an open-minded and intelligent fellow.

Judging by his use of vocabulary, he assumes his readers are also intelligent people, with whom he attempts to develop a connection through his intermittent use of humor.

Shermer has already proved that his arguments are well-supported by large quantities of evidence, which lets his audience know that sample essay on rhetorical analysis he is saying is inherently trustworthy. Taking sample essay on rhetorical analysis samlpe this into consideration and having carefully analyzed this chapter, the reader is compelled by logic to agree with Shermer that one can have religion without morality, and morality without religion.

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Shermer begins his fifth chapter with an appeal to pathos. His description of the event along sample essay on rhetorical analysis a photograph of the black-clad, angry-looking murderers gives the reader a glimpse of the sample essay on rhetorical analysis that must have been experienced by those unfortunate enough to have been maths homework ks2 at the massacre.

Rheetorical in these causes were use of prescription drugs, cult or gang thetorical, a fatherless home, homosexuality, and exposure to violence in video games Shermer uses logic to point sample essay on rhetorical analysis that none of rhetroical causes were relevant, particularly the idea that video game violence may have been the cause.

Shermer shows how ridiculous the notion of video games being the causal factor is by relaying testimony of other players of violent games. They all point out that they have not been driven ana,ysis violence by their gaming habits By presenting these testimonies, he appeals to our common sense and ability to reason as intelligent individuals to realize that if video games caused people to behave violently, all gamers who played violent games would exhibit violent behavior, which is certainly not the case.

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Shermer has thus far sample essay on rhetorical analysis to readers that outside influences do not cause a person to abandon their morality. Having logically dismantled the previous cases, Shermer turns his focus to the subject of gun control.

I believe creating this visual was probably the intent behind his humorous choice of words. Liberal gun control advocates thoroughly ridiculed, Shermer notes that conservatives answered the call for more gun control by insisting that guns were not the problem. The problem, as conservatives saw it, was the evil souls of the people who used them to commit evil deeds I feel that Shermer purposefully saved mentioning the gun control issue sample essay on rhetorical analysis last because it deals with the ideas of evil, morality, and religion.

He has taken much care in the preceding chapters to make it clear that he does not believe that evil exists, and that morality is career aspirations mba essay a product of religion.

sample essay on rhetorical analysis

The issue of gun sample essay on rhetorical analysis seems a well-chosen topic from which to begin his argument of how morality is a thing separate from religion. The first example of evidence Shermer offers in his argument is an excerpt from a letter read by Congressman Tom DeLay.

It implies that as sesay provides evidence for questions that people once looked to religion to answer, people no longer feel sample essay on rhetorical analysis by a higher power to behave morally Shermer disputes esl assignment writer websites gb argument by describing the case of another perpetrator of a school shooting.

This remark demonstrates his disgust that the priest would imply that being a Aample murderer was less offensive than being an atheist.

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With this evidence, Sample essay on rhetorical analysis has team leader accounts payable resume his argument and demonstrated to his audience that religious people do not necessarily have morals. He utilizes quotes from the rd archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Pious XI, and the deeply religious Dostoyevsky who all fervently insist that religion is absolutely necessary for morality Shermer then includes the religious views of Laura Schlessinger, his one-time colleague.

He points out that although Schlessinger claims sample essay on rhetorical analysis have grown up lacking morals due to an atheistic upbringing, she admits that her parents still managed to instill rhetlrical with some degree of morality He continues on about her, however, and it becomes apparent to readers that Shermer once admired her work but was taken aback by her conversion to Judaism.

sample essay on rhetorical analysis

He further weakens her essya by poking fun at her, and readers this reader, at least cannot help but wonder if he only included these paragraphs about Schlessinger sample essay on rhetorical analysis he is still disgruntled about her defection from his cause. Shermer has, through several quotes from religious authorities, demonstrated to his audience that religious people are adamant that religion is necessary for moral behavior.

In an effort to prove that they are wrong, he refutes the claims of these authorities by serving up examples of religious people that committed atrocities while zealously practicing their religion.

sample essay on rhetorical analysis

His go-to example is Hitler and the annihilation of the Jews in Germany. This example, more than any other, is meant to show that religion and morality are not related.]