Engineering economic analysis homework

engineering economic analysis homework

Embed Size px x x x x The choice of an engine has important money consequences, engineering economic analysis homework it. Important economic and social consequences. Some might argue that the. Probably there are a variety of considerations much more important than the.

Picking a career on an economic basis sounds terrible.

engineering economic analysis homework

Picking a wife on an economic basis sounds even worse. The candy bar problem is suitable for economic analysis.

engineering economic analysis homework

Compared to the. Joes problem is a real problem with serious economic consequences.

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The difficulty. Note that if you could double your money homewoek day, then:. For the three. The maximum number of pads might be the quantity needed engineering economic analysis homework a reasonable period of time, like the rest of the academic year.

Choosing the same career as a friend might be OK, but it doesnt seem too rational. Jill didnt consider all the alternatives. Don thought he was minimizing cost, but it didnt work.

engineering economic analysis homework

Maybe rational decision. President Kennedy used the latter approach with a year for landing a engineering economic analysis homework on the moon to inspire employees. Thus the following objectives as examples are concrete.

No year is specified here, because unlike President Kennedy we do not know what dates may be achievable.

Engineering Economics

Land a man safely on Mars and return him to earth by. Establish a colony on enginefring moon by. Establish, a permanent space station by. Support private sector engineering economic analysis homework in space by.

Maximize fundamental knowledge about science through x probes per year or for.

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Choosing among these objectives involves technical decisions some objectives. Evaluation of alternatives would focus on costs, uncertainties, and schedules. Estimates of these would rely on NASAs historical experience, expert dconomic, and some of the estimating tools discussed in Chapter 2. One approach might be: a Find out what percentage of the population is left-handed.

With some engineering economic analysis homework scissors quality. Study the responses of both left-handed and right-handed people. From the data, make an estimate.]