Data analysis project

Students are required to demonstrate their grasp of fundamental data analysis and machine learning concepts and techniques in the context of a focused project. The project should focus on a substantive problem involving the analysis of one or more data sets and the application of state-of-the art machine learning and data mining methods, or on suitable simulations where this is deemed appropriate.

Or, the project may focus on machine learning methodology and demonstrate data analysis project applicability to prroject data analysis project from the relevant literature. The project may involve the development of new methodology or extensions to existing methodology.

1. What should you include in your data analytics portfolio?

Truck Traffic Monitoring with Satellite Data analysis project [. Estimating Latent Structure of Acquisitions from Text [. Unsupervised Learning of Procedures from Task Videos [. Using Knowledge Graphs for Image Classification [. Automated Phenotyping System for Energy Crops [.

Learning Object States from Videos [. Spontaneously Emerging Object Part Segmentation [.

data analysis project

Greedy Algorithms for Sparse Dictionary Learning [. Robust Detection of Radiation Threat [. Efficient Fusion of Aggregated Historical Data [.

data analysis project

Differential Parameter Learning dta. Ordinal Data Analysis via Graphical Models [. Large-Scale Visual Recognition Tasks [.

Learning to Skim Text [. Matching Multifrequency Clinical Time Series [.

Prepare for a Career of the Future

Exploring consumer spending behavior for prepaid cards using latent topic models and dynamical systems [. Functional Linear Models for Brain Data [.

data analysis project

Acoustic Scene Recognition with Deep Learning [. Local analysis of traveling waves in the monkey primary motor cortex [. Estimating Accuracy from Unlabeled Data [.

Data Analytics Projects (Easy, Medium, Hard)

An Analysis of Cross-Device Search [. Tumor phylogenetic lineage separation by medoidshift clustering with non-postitive kernel [.

data analysis project

Prioritizing Malware Analysis [. Automated Discovery of Novel Anomalous Patterns [. Analysis of Crime in Pittsburgh [. Semi-supervised context-aware discovery of unknown audio concepts projec. Active, semi-supervised learning to utilize human oracles [. Trade-offs in Data analysis project Model Learning [. Dynamics of Visual Category Learning with Magnetoencephalography [. Comparing Data Sources in High Dimensions [.]