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John Adams October 30, [a] — July 4, was an American statesman, attorney, diplomatwriter, and Founding Father who was the second president of custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb United Statesserving from to Before his presidencyhe was a leader of the American Revolution that achieved independence from Great Britainand he served as the first vice president of the United States from to Adams was a dedicated diarist and regularly corresponded with many important figures cv writing site online early American historyincluding his wife and adviser Abigail Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

A lawyer and political activist prior to the revolution, Adams was devoted to the right to counsel and presumption of innocence. He defied anti-British sentiment and successfully defended British soldiers against murder charges arising from the Boston Massacre.

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Adams was a Massachusetts delegate to the Continental Congress and became a leader of the revolution. He assisted in drafting the Declaration of Independence in As a diplomat in Europe, he helped negotiate a peace treaty with Great Britain and secured vital governmental loans.

Adams was the primary author of the Massachusetts Constitution inwhich influenced the United States constitutionas did his essay Thoughts on Government. Adams was elected to two terms as vice president under President George Washington and was elected as the United States' second president in He was the only president elected under the banner of the Federalist Party. During his single term, Adams encountered cheap thesis proofreading website criticism from the Jeffersonian Republicans and from some in his own Federalist Party, led by his rival Alexander Hamilton.

During his term, he became the first president to reside in the executive mansion now known as the White House. In his bid for reelectionopposition from Federalists and accusations of despotism from Jeffersonians led to Adams losing to his vice custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb and former friend Jefferson, and he retired to Cover letter harvard. He eventually resumed his friendship with Jefferson by initiating a correspondence that lasted fourteen years.

He and his wife generated a family of politicians, custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb, and historians now referred to as the Adams political familywhich includes their son John Quincy Adamsthe sixth president of the United States.

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John Adams died on July 4, — the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence — hours custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb Jefferson's death. Adams and his son are essxy only presidents of the first twelve that did not own slaves in their lives. Surveys of historians and scholars have favorably ranked his administration.

He had two younger brothers: Peter — and Elihu — His father was a deacon in the Congregational Churcha farmer, a cordwainerand a lieutenant professional problem solving writers sites usa the militia. Adams often rssay his father and recalled their close relationship.

custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb

Though raised in modest surroundings, Adams felt pressured to live up to his heritage. His was a family of Puritanswho profoundly affected their region's culture, laws, and traditions. By the time of John Adams's birth, Puritan tenets such as predestination had waned and many of their severe practices moderated, but Adams still "considered them bearers of freedom, a cause that still had a holy urgency". Contempt and horror", and detailed "pictures of disgrace, or baseness and of Ruin" resulting from any debauchery.

Adams, as the eldest custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb, was compelled to obtain a formal education.

custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb

This began at age six at a dame school for boys and girls, conducted at a teacher's home, and was centered upon The New England Primer. Shortly thereafter, Adams attended Braintree Latin School under Joseph Sitr, where studies included Latinrhetoric, logic, and arithmetic. Adams's early education included incidents of truancya dislike for his master, and a desire to become a farmer.

All discussion on the matter custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb with his father's command that he remain in school: "You shall comply with my desires.

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Hretorical the next four years, he began to seek prestige, craving "Honour or Reputation" and "more defference from [his] fellows", and custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb determined to be "a great Man". He decided to become a lawyer to further those ends, writing his father that he found among lawyers "noble and gallant achievements" but, among the clergy, the "pretended sanctity of some absolute dunces".

custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb

His aspirations conflicted with his Puritanism, though, prompting reservations about his self-described "trumpery" and failure to share the "happiness of [his] fellow men". As the French and Indian War custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb inAdams, aged nineteen, began to struggle with his responsibility in the conflict as many of his contemporaries joined the war for money. Adams later said, problem solving editing websites us longed more ardently to be a Soldier than I ever did to be a Lawyer", recognizing that he was the first of his family to "[degenerate] from the virtues of the house so far as not to have been an officer in the militia".

custom rhetorical analysis essay writers site gb

InAdams began reading law under James Putnam, a leading lawyer in Worcester. Otis's argument inspired Adams to the cause of the American colonies.]