Chac mool literary analysis

chac mool literary analysis

In fact, his first book was a collection of fantastic fiction called Los Dias Enmascarados The Masked Dayswhich, to my knowledge, was never translated into English. But hope springs eternal, and so I had to look around…. A chacmool is a particular form of Mesoamerican sculpture: a figure of a man reclining on his back, upper body supported by his elbows and knees bent.

His hands are on his abdomen, holding a dish or a bowl for accepting ritual best best essay proofreading website for masters. His head is facing to the side.

Chacmools have chac mool literary analysis found throughout chac mool literary analysis Mexico and the Yucatan, down into Central America. Chacmools are often associated with the Aztec rain god Tlaloc or with the similar Mayan rain god Chac or Chaac. Both these rain gods are associated with human sacrifice the bowl the chacmool holds is often a cuauhxicalli : a bowl to receive human hearts. After the Chac Mool arrives, the water pipes mysteriously burst and the roof springs leaks in the rain.

Filiberto discovers that chac mool literary analysis all this moisture, the stone idol seems to be turning into flesh — a rain god coming to life.

Ghosts of story, myth, or anywhere else….

Slowly, the Chac Mool turns Filiberto into his slave…. Christ, after all, was a chac mool literary analysis, an offering — and a bloody one at that. The Buddha, apparently, died of food poisoning — or at least soon after eating a meal. Christianity, in its warm, bloody feeling, of sacrifice and liferary, turns into a natural and novel prolongation of the indigenous religion. The aspects of charity, love, and the chac mool literary analysis cheek, in turn, are rejected.

chac mool literary analysis

And everything in Mexico is that: you have to kill men to be able to believe in them. Filiberto has an interesting relationship with the past himself. He is fascinated with pre-Columbian Mexican art, and he lives chac mool literary analysis in the past, in the lonely and too large house left to him by his parents, repulsed by the idea of a modern apartment.

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But then the past becomes his enemy. But just as traditional ways are threatened by modernity, Chac Mool is chwc vulnerable to the present: he discovers chac mool literary analysis human pleasures — wine, silk robes, lotions — and this seems to age him.

chac mool literary analysis

Filiberto hopes that it will weaken him, maybe even kill him. But will it happen soon enough? Or the original Spanish text, here.

It was my introduction to magical realism, and is still my favorite Cortazar story. Chac mool literary analysis image: Mayan chacmool from Chichen Itza. Image: Wikimedia. Second image: Aztec chacmool from Tenochtitlan. Photo by Adriel A. Macedo Arroyo. I like the Chwc mool at the end, too. Your essay is beautifully written and intriguing.

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chac mool literary analysis

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